Microland interview

by Kshama

I doubt if this post could inspire or amuse anyone because this is just a normal job interview. I am posting it because I feel this just might be of help for someone somewhere down the lane. I remember searching the net for any clues on what interviews for particular companies will be like without much success. So, I promised myself that if I got placed in Microland, I would write about the interview so that anyone searching for any info would be benefited in some way at the least. Hence, this post.

Well, a pool campus was announced in our college and we were supposed to go to one place for the recruitment drive. The first round was something called voice and accent round which made us wonder if it was a BPO job. But after further clarifications, we were assured that those who have got an aggregate of 70+ would be put into RIMS(Remote Infrastructure Management) The voice and accent round was pretty easy. They would give you a topic on which you had to speak for about a minute or so. It was just a screening test.

Then we had the aptitude. We had 30 questions. 20 aptitude and 10 general and English. It was pretty easy. They had mainly asked about time & work, avg, percentage, prob, etc...

After the aptitude test we'd GDs. The topics were general. Not a problem... about IPL, Movies, marriages etc etc...

After GD we had HR. My interviewer was really cool... she asked me why Microland., are you ready for the bond., she asked me about whatever I had written in my resume... I'd some experience certifications from Yahoo and Minglebox - she asked me about those.

The next day we had technical+HR... in technical, I was mostly asked about my project.. the whole detail. He asked me to write the block diagram. I remembered half of it and I made up the other half and explained it as if whatever I'd written was perfect! was selected for the final round ;-)

The final round again was technical + HR... it depended on the interviewer... he asked me about my family background and some of the papers which I'd presented. Some of my friends were asked the concepts of networking, OSI models, the routers, switches, hubs, bridges etc...

That was it... finally got a mail which said I was selected.

Hope the post helped you. If you are going for Microland interview, just make sure that you go through the company website. Once you clear the aptitude test, the rest is very easy.

All the best. :-)

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