Making a Resume Great

Making a Resume Great:
Five Things a Resume Should Do

This list is to help ensure that you are presenting yourself in the best possible light. If your resume is not doing these five things, it might need some extra attention. Making a resume great is vital if you are to beat out your competition.

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  1. Your resume should show the prospective employer that you know how to spell and use appropriate grammar. Check for typos, spelling errors and tense consistency. (Don't switch from past to present tense.) When your resume looks professional, the employer makes an assumption that you are a professional, too.
  2. Show your enthusiasm! You want the employer to sit up and take notice. Energy and excitement are contagious. When the employer reads your resume, he/she should feel as though you will start the job on day 1 with an attitude of "Let's get to work now!"
  3. Give the employer the information necessary to provide an excellent picture of what you have done in the past, but don't add so many details that the resume gets bogged down. Employers want relevant information, but they do not want to be inundated with every aspect of every position you held. They are not especially concerned if you opened the mail or filed personnel records.

    Along with this is the use of "white space". Reading resumes can be tedious, especially when they are so full of words that there is no break - or "white space" - for the eyes to rest. Carefully choose the qualifications listed on your resume so that your resume won't be so full of information that there is no space for the reader's eyes to take a break.

  4. Exclude all personal information, such as weight, height, age, etc... It probably will not help your chances at all. If anything, it has the potential to eliminate you from some organizations, some jobs or perhaps in the minds of some people. For example, say you include information about your political preferences. If you happen to send your resume to a hiring manager who believes completely the opposite of you, it's very possible that your resume will not get the attention it deserves. Is that fair? No. Does it happen? Yes.
  5. Of all the things to proofread again, look at your contact information. Make sure your phone number(s) and email addresses are accurate. One wrong number or letter and you might never know what you missed. Read: If the employer cannot contact you, you will not get interviewed.

Employers are looking for the right people to fill the positions that they have open. When you provide them with the right set of qualifications in an easy to read format, the chances of your resume being read are better and the possibility of your being called in for an interview are better.

Making a resume great isn't just about making you look good. It is about matching your credentials to the position you are seeking and doing so in a way that the employer can understand. No employer wants to have to hunt through a resume for a few tidbits of information. Keep your resume focused and easy to read and you will have much more success at finding the right job.

Making a resume great is essential
if you want to be successful

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