Lowest Salary Jobs

After reading the list of the ten highest salary jobs, you probably want to know what the lowest paid jobs are. Although this list is subject to change and varies among locations, it is a great guide in knowing which jobs to avoid.

1. Food preparation and serving workers (including fast food) – This job pays a tiny salary of $18,000 a year. Ironically, people working in this field work so hard and for long hours while probably getting paid minimum wage. There are usually no previous work recommendations or anything above a high school diploma required.

2. Dishwashers on average make $18,300 a year. They usually work in restaurants or cafes and clean the utensils.

3. Shampooers earn $18,890 annually. Usually, they work at hair salons shampooing and rinsing hair. Many start out with this job if they want to gain experience in the hair and beauty industry.

4. Cashiers make about $19,000 annually. Working as a cashier requires training and some basic math skills. Usually, high school diploma or a GED is enough of a requirement for the job. The job involves the use of a cash register, credit card machine, and other monetary equipment.

5. Hosts and hostesses earn roughly $19,190. These are the people who greet you to your seat until your waiter comes to your table. They typically work at restaurants, coffee shops, and lounges.

6. Amusement park and recreation attendants overall earn a yearly sum of about $19,450. Their job duties mostly include maintaining and operating the equipment for rides and taking tickets before people get on rides. They usually get trained on the job and must demonstrate wonderful costumer service skills to park visitors.

7. Ushers, lobby attendants and ticket takers make about $19,610. Their job description includes taking admission or movie tickets from patrons, helping them find their seats, looking for lost items, and showing patrons where the restrooms are located.

8. Farm workers and laborers cultivate and harvest crops. They make about $19,780 dollars a year. They learn their skills through on-the-job training. There are various tasks and job positions within a farm that farm workers may perform. Most of their work consists of working outdoors and for long hours.

9. Personal and home care aides earn $20,280 dollars a year. These people take care of elderly or disabled adults in their homes or in facilities. Most of the time the aides live with their patients. Duties may include cleaning the home, doing laundry, making food, and assisting the old or disabled person perform certain duties that they cannot do on their own. Although not required, a certain degree of previous experience in this field is useful. Employees can be trained by working with experienced employees for a few months to a year.

10. Gaming or casino dealers make $20,290 a year. They maneuver table games such as poker, blackjack, craps and so on. These jobs may require vocational training.

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