Just Be Yourself In the Job interview

These days, there are usually multiple applicants for a given job. And when there are multiple applicants, it usually means that an organization will conduct multiple interviews before hiring someone. It is important to not only stand out in interviews, but to also make the employer comfortable with you as an individual.

People are more likely to hire someone that they feel comfortable with as opposed to someone who they are unable to connect with. And remember, socialization is a key aspect to many different job types, and the interview provides an outstanding opportunity to demonstrate social skills. It is important not to try too hard to connect with an individual whom is interviewing you. By trying too hard, you can hurt your chances potentially more than you would had you not made an effort to be social. Try to make the conversation natural and say things such as "How's it going", "This is a very nice office", or even something more direct such as "Let me know if I am talking too fast". Little innocent comments not directly related to the interview questions will humanize yourself and help highlight your social skills.

Of course, golden opportunities can present themselves which you should take advantage of. For instance, if you are a huge Lakers fan - and you notice that the person interviewing you has a picture of themselves and Kobe Bryant on their desk - you certainly should bring that up when the time is right.

Other times, in an interview, you will realize that you personally know a person that the interviewer knows; and this presents and opportunity to connect with the interviewer outside of the job interview.

Overall, you just want to be yourself. Don't try too hard, but do take advantage of opportunities to extend the conversation a tad bit, beyond the direct scope of the interview.

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