Job Search Stress: What to Avoid

Job search stress is real

If you are currently looking for a job, you know what it is like to feel stress. Balancing family, finances, schedules, and other issues make the hunt for a new position arduous. Part of being able to control the stress is knowing what to do. Part of handling the stress is being able to know what NOT to do, too.

Learning how to cope with job-search anxiety can make an enormous difference in how you feel, how well you do in interviews and how long your job search lasts. Yes, you want to succeed in finding a great career, but having peace of mind during the process is important, as well.

The list below defines some of the causes of job-search stress and how to avoid them.

Avoid these things and enjoy more peace in your life:
  • Perfectionism – While it is important to create an outstanding resume (and supporting materials), spending countless hours revising and revising only serve to add to the anxiety you already feel. Do your best, but don't obsess about it. The same holds true for buying a nice interview outfit. Find something that looks good, but try to stay within your budget or you will worry about money as well as finding a great job. There are many possible situations where a perfectionist attitude can work against you in the job hunt. Just be cautious not to get caught up in it.

  • Procrastination – If you tend to put things off, then you will find that the additional stress it puts on a job search will nearly wear you out.

    Use these two mottos:
    1. Touch it once
    2. Do it now

    When you delay doing the things you know you need to do, it causes unnecessary worry. If you start to read the classified ads and find a few that seem interesting, take the next step and cut the ads out, print off your resume and cover letter and stick it in an envelope with the address on front and a stamp. Walk it to your mailbox immediately. If you put it off, it might not get done at all and then you'll get nowhere. This will help you eliminate a lot of job search stress.

  • Powerlessness Feelings – It is easy to think that you are not in control of your life when your ability to get a great job depends upon the decisions of others. Try to avoid this by focusing on what you do very well. Concentrate on your strengths and focus on maintaining a positive attitude. You are not helpless. You are an amazing success story just waiting to happen.

  • Problem People – There will always be negative people and individuals who are difficult to get along with. If you associate with them on a regular basis, they can truly bring your spirits down. Avoid them whenever possible. If you have to spend time with them, remind yourself that their attitude is not your own. You are responsible for your own thoughts and actions, not theirs. You need to do whatever you can to avoid additional job search stress. Just remember the golden rule.

  • Pessimism – This is somewhat related to powerlessness, but with a twist. It can lead to cynicism and outright distrust if not controlled. One of the best ways to keep this in check is to do things on a continual basis which cause you to create, construct, express your passion, or focus on your future. Help others achieve their goals. Inject enthusiasm into everyday events. You can choose how to think about everyday events. Be optimistic.

Job search stress can wear you out

Why is it so important to avoid these problems? Each one of them influences how you behave. You have probably heard the phrase, "You are your thoughts." When you allow yourself to let these situations control you, you lose the ability to express to employers your confidence, strength, value, energy, ability and so much more. You lose your effectiveness. The resulting stress mounts, causing you more frustration than the search itself otherwise would.

Your competitors in the job search are doing everything they can to get the job(s) you want. Lift yourself above the mire and avoid the above situations so that you can project your enthusiasm, self-assurance, poise and everything else that makes a job candidate great. Yes, you will be better prepared to deal with job search stress, but you will also be better prepared to handle whatever the ensuing job search brings forth.

Job search stress can be handled

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