Job Networking: Is it For You?

Job Networking May Be the Answer for You

Do you know the best ways to find a job?

You might be amazed that the most common ways job seekers choose to search for work are, in reality, the least successful. There are about a dozen ways to find a job and most people use traditional methods: mailing resumes to prospective employers; job fairs, and classified ads. These techniques work about 5-7% of the time but for everyone else, an alternative is needed.

Finding a great job takes some energy. A very effective method for finding your ideal job is via job networking. This is an ongoing routine that takes time and energy, but your effort is often rewarded when you need to find a different job. You can network with former co-workers, family, friends and even neighbors simply by staying in touch in a positive way.

Occasionally, you will have to expand your network beyond your current contacts to find more job prospects. You will need to find ways to connect with others in your desired line of work. Many cities have a variety of job networking groups that you can join and participate and connect with others. You might consider local book clubs, toastmasters, service organizations, or job finding clubs and other groups that you share an interest with.

What does Job Networking Mean?

Networking means giving as well as receiving. Meeting and getting to know new people is the key. Talk, listen, know them, discover their needs, help them however you can. When you connect with others and help them realize their dreams, you are more likely to find others offering assistance to you in return. When you are in need of a job, you may find that a prospective employer calls you for an interview ahead of other candidates. The assistance you give others will come back to you in time.

Job networking is more powerful than other job hunting techniques because of the personal relationships that you build. Resume mail outs and classified ads are impersonal. On the other hand, job fairs can be personal but they lack a relationship.

The Department of Labor (Bureau of Labor Statistics) state that, "Eighty percent of available jobs are never advertised, and over half of all employees get their jobs through networking"

Who gets all these jobs that never get advertised? A lot of times, it's "who you know", and those who have the right connections get the job.

Network effectively, and that person will be you!

In any case, you will need a top notch resume and the best credentials. Whether you use traditional means to find a job or networking, hone your resume to be the best that it can be.

Do you know the right people yet? Get out and network and you will know them. You never know when you’ll be searching for a new job.

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