The Job Interview

Are you ready for your next job interview?

There are few things that make a person more nervous than a job interview. It feels as though your entire life is on display. Somehow you feel the need to prove that everything you have ever accomplished was done so for the express purpose of getting this ONE job.

While the interview will always evoke some amount of stress and trepidation, there are things you can do to make the process easier and a more positive outcome likely. One of the most important things you can do is be prepared for the job interview. That doesn't just mean you need to carry an extra copy or two of your resume with you, it means that you have to:

  1. Research the company to have a true understanding of the products and/or services offered as well as to be able to converse knowledgeably about the company during the employment interview.
  2. Know your answers to the most likely interview questions well enough to say them to yourself in a mirror without reading them or using cue cards.
  3. Plan your route to the employment interview including alternate routes should traffic be a problem. Expect to get to the interview location 10-15 minutes early (or earlier if you need more time), but do not go into the building until approximately 5 minutes prior to the start of the interview.
  4. Determine what to wear and have it ready and waiting the night before the big day. If necessary, shine your shoes. Do whatever it takes to ensure you look professional and it will help you feel professional, too.
  5. Make sure every aspect of grooming is meticulously managed. (i.e. nails trimmed short, hair kept in a stylish cut, freshly showered and so on)
The job interview, while un-nerving, is a necessary part of virtually every career. If taken seriously and well planned for, it can be successfully accomplished with minimal stress. You can do this!

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