Job Interview Attire

A job interview starts as soon as the interviewee walks in the door. This means that before greetings or handshake has taken place, your attire has already communicated a great deal to your possible future employer. Wearing the wrong type of clothing to a job interview, can easily mean the difference between gaining employment and continuing the job hunt. There are some specific mistakes to avoid for both men and women, but regardless of gender, attire should be neat, clean and professional.

Unless it is made very obvious that the company you are interviewing for would prefer casual attire, it is best for men to wear a suit to the interview. For professional jobs, it is best to wear a black, navy or dark gray suit with a dark leather shoes and belt to match. A tie is also necessary and it is best if it is at least three and half inches wide, of matching color, and without a design that is too intricate. Choose a briefcase over a backpack in order to maintain your professional look. It is also advised that any earrings, facial piercing and tattoos be removed and covered up accordingly. Lastly it is important to avoid the common mistake of putting on too much cologne or aftershave, which can have the negative effective of overpowering your interviewer.

There are not many differences between female and male interviewees attire, but unfortunately, women have a few additional things to worry about. Women are also suggested to wear dark or navy suits (which can include either pants or a skirt). If a skirt is your choice, remember that it should be of appropriate length and does not expose any of the upper leg while sitting and they should be accompanied by conservatively colored, run-free stockings. Other attire mistakes include: heels that are over 2 inches, excess make-up/perfume, and too much jewelry.

If you follow these interview attire guidelines and pay special attention to avoiding the most common mistakes, your chances for a successful interview greatly increases. Remember that your attire communicates that you are a professional, well put together individual that is serious about the job they are interviewing for. This is something that is seen as invaluable to employers and interviewers alike.

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