Job Hunting with Classified Ads

Job hunting can be a job in itself

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the effectiveness of applying for a job directly with an employer is 47.7%. While this could include walking into an employer's building right off the street, it's more likely to include finding an open position with classified ads.

Classified ads DO work.

People DO get hired by responding to classified ads. In the CPA Journal, Paul N. Mendelsohn writes that, "Want ads are a source of much information. You can learn what types of jobs are available, their requirements and their salary ranges."

What you will need to remember, though, is that everyone else in a 50 mile radius is likely reading the same ad you are. The number of resumes an employer can receive for any given vacancy advertised ranges from 200 – 500. That is a lot of competition. Yes, someone will get that position, but will it be you?

It can be you, but it will not be an easy task. First, your resume has to be impeccable. That means more than no typos or grammar errors. (Read this page to find out some excellent Resume Tips). It means your credentials must also be at a level above your competitors. You have to stand out as a positive, energetic person who will fit in with the corporate culture immediately and contribute to the bottom line almost from day 1.(Read this page to learn how to make a Great First Impression).

You can find employment using classified ads, but don't limit yourself to that one avenue alone. There are many other job opportunities available in a variety of areas that do not involve newspapers at all. If you want to be effective, you will look at every option available to you.

When you DO choose to use classified ads as a part of your overall job hunting search strategies, remember that many newspapers (and employment boards) list their classified ads on the Internet, too. Not only is this a great resource for you in looking for your next job, but it is also an excellent way to see just what is available in other markets, what the average rate of pay is for the position you are seeking and the benefits that you can expect to be provided when you accept an offer.

While you are on-line, don't forget to research the companies in which you are interested. Find out what they do or make, their history, who the major corporate gurus are and what their plan is for growth. Anything you can learn about the organization can be used to make your resume and cover letter THAT MUCH MORE appealing.

Job hunting with classified ads is a great way to find available work, but it isn't the only way. Never limit yourself to only one option. To find the right job with the right company, you need to open yourself up to every possibility and classified ads is only one possibility.

Good luck job hunting
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