Is It Bad To Tweet On The Job

You might have clicked on this article hoping to find that the answer is no. Well, I guess if tweeting makes you a happier and more productive person at work, you may be able to get by it if you’re careful. But the bottom line is that your boss probably won’t be happy about it.

Taking a routine quick scan at your feed may actually easily lead to spending a half hour off your assignment. While you may reason that your task will take less than the allocated time, would this represent the hard working and dedicated person you advertised on your resume?

Now I’m not here to be your moral compass, so I’ll try to put this situation in another perspective. If you’re dedicating an excessive amount of time to a world outside of your workplace, it may be an indicator that your interests are not aligned with the company’s. (If this is you, you may want to check out our article on job searching via Twitter.)

It’s also a pretty big risk to be caught so obviously diverging from your tasks. So unless you’re a community manager in charge of your company’s social media, it may not be such a good idea to be tweeting about what you’ve been up to lately. And if you’re a new employee, be extra careful. Getting caught slacking off can be quite detrimental to your developing image at the company.

Is your boss following you? Everything you do on the Internet these days can be easily traced and is most probably time stamped. So posting a seemingly ambiguous angry tweet right after an upsetting interaction with your boss may not be the most conspicuous thing.

Our generation’s tendency for procrastination due to our short attention spans is still not a good enough reason to diverge too much from our assignments, so save it until lunch time!

Of course, Tweets are public, so your employer can see the time you are Tweeting. And, it is basically rubbing it in your employers face that you have better things to do while on the job. It just isn't a good practice, and there are enough hours in the day where you can Tweet after work.

As for a real world example, the NFL began fining players for Tweeting during games. Once this happened, the Tweeting during football games by players quickly stopped.

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