Interview Mistakes:
5 Things You Absolutely MUST Know

Interview mistakes can kill your opportunities for success regardless of how qualified you might be. How can you present yourself in a positive light and keep your face-to-face meeting with the prospective employer as error-free as possible?

To avoid interview mistakes, you have to be prepared

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If you want to get a great job, you are going to have to invest some time and effort into the job-search process. One of the areas that you will need to focus your attention on is the interview process. You do not want to make any interview mistakes if you expect to get a job offer.

There are a number of possible areas of concern with regard to interviews. Once you understand each one of them and ensure that you are doing your best, you have an opportunity to beat out your competition.

Interview Mistakes: 5 Things You Absolutely Must Know
Read the list below and take note if anything applies to you:

  1. First Impressions are essential. Are you dressed appropriately? Is your hairstyle appropriate, your fingernails clean and trimmed? Yes, it sounds like this is just a little too much, but you have to understand that anything at all can eliminate you from being considered for employment. Eliminate as many of the possible problem areas as you can so that the employer focuses on what you bring to the table in terms of qualifications.

  2. Arriving on time is a must. Actually, you can arrive at the location ten to fifteen minutes before the scheduled interview, but walk in the door a minute or two before the interview is supposed to start. Never arrive late. If something comes up, such as a traffic accident, call the company as soon as possible to make them aware of the situation.

  3. Professionalism is highly valued. Are you chewing gum, smoking or tapping your pen on your portfolio? Everything you do will be judged in some form or fashion by the interviewer. Omit anything that might exclude you from further consideration as a potential job candidate.

  4. Speaking clearly and concisely is wise. Remember the phrase, "Never use two words when one word will do." Address each person you meet as "Mr." or "Ms." and articulate your words using proper grammar. Avoid slang and jargon.

  5. Knowledge of the organization is critical. If you have not taken the time to research the company, it will become very obvious in the interview. Find out, at the very least, some key information about the place where you want to make a living. What products do they make or what services do they provide? Who are their major competitors? Does the company have a mission and do your goals line up with theirs? These but a few of the questions that you need to have answers to before you walk into the interview.

This list could be twice this long and provide many more thoughts for you to consider, but this will give you enough to ensure you are doing the basics right. Hopefully, by reading this article, you have an idea of what prospective employers expect and will research this topic even further.

Making any interview mistakes could eliminate you from being considered for a job you may well be perfectly suited for. Do not let your competitors beat you out simply because they were better prepared for the interview.

Being prepared is the key.
Best of luck.

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