Interview Follow Up Email

Contrary to popular belief, the interview process is not the last step in securing a job. Following up afterward can be just as important since it demonstrates to the prospective employer how much the candidate actually wants the position. Reiterating interest can help secure that job, especially if the competition fails to do the same.

The most basic way that one can follow up an interview is through e-mail. Sending a personal e-mail expressing gratitude for the opportunity to interview will not only impress the prospective employer, but will also serve as a reminder that the applicant is serious about the job position.

By following up, it shows that the applicant still wants to be put under consideration for the job and also further familiarizes the company with his or her name.

In case anything was left out in the interview, this is also the perfect opportunity to relay that information. Previous information that seemed to be impressive during the interview should also be mentioned briefly. The follow up should always be done within two days after the interview and should be kept as short as possible.

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