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It is always beneficial to review common questions before a specific job interview. It can help you to mentally prepare and get your thoughts in order.

A lot of times with interviews, the answer is in your mind and it is there to be told. However, the interview process can be stressful and often, even if you have good answers for a given question, you may not communicate them well. This is why you must stay calm, relax, and talk slowly throughout the interview process.

When you have an idea as to the questions that may be asked, you can in advance go over the key points that you want to address. This will help to ensure that you communicate the positive characteristics about yourself and the experiences which are relevant. So preparation can be critical for an interview and it can be the difference between you getting the job and not getting the job.

While many interviews are similar in the questions that they ask, there are of course unique characteristics based upon the type of job you are interviewing for. Below we have highlighted several common questions that come up in a variety of interviews. We have also given some advice and feedback in regards to the answers you should have for these specific questions. Keep in mind that these answers are not a bullet point as they aren’t yes or no questions. Instead, we have focused our feedback on ways you can approach these questions and strategies for communicating what the interviewer likely wants to hear.

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Several interview questions are common across any industry. One of the most common interview questions is the tell me about yourself interview question. This is an important question to practice and become familiar with. Here is a list of 10 of the most frequent questions asked in an interview.

Not all interview questions are equal, they can range from very easy to very tough. Here we have highlighted 5 easy interview questions and 5 difficult interview questions. It is helpful to recognize them and be able to identify what makes a question easy or tough.

In closing, answering interview questions concisely and quickly is key to succeeding in an interview. If you'd like an example of what specifically can be answered, review these sample finance job interview questions and answers. 

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