Internship Interview Answers

Internship interview questions may vary on the type of internship you are interviewing for. Overall, however, interviewers want to know why you want the internship, how you can benefit from them, and how they can benefit from you. Remember that these internships exist to serve as learning experiences, so you do not need to have much training beforehand. Listed below are five questions typically asked during interviews for internship positions. Each question is followed by guidelines you must adhere to in order to respond to the question successfully.

1) Tell me about yourself.

While this may seem like an easy question to answer, many interviewees do not adequately prepare for it. Below are some tips:

-Do not tell your whole life’s story. Instead, stick to the relevant parts of your past experiences. Incorporate your pertinent academic background, jobs, and extra curricular in this response.
-You can also tell them about your goals, and how getting this job will serve as a good foundation for those goals.
-Focusing on both how you will be appropriate for this job as well as how this job will be suitable for you will help answer this question effectively.

2) Describe a time when you felt overwhelmed by many assignments and obligations in your extra curricular activities. How did you handle this?

This is a typical question used in every type of interview. They want to know how you deal with stress. You must assure them that you can handle the job by:

-Perhaps taking them through a process which you followed in making sure all tasks were carried out
-Expressing that although you realized how large of a workload you had, you did not stress at all

3) Name three strengths and weaknesses.

Regarding one’s weaknesses, you must name those that are irrelevant to the job, in that way, those weaknesses might not matter. Also, you can name weaknesses that you are simultaneously able to turn into strong points. For example, “I like to challenge myself and sometimes don’t realize how much of a workload I am actually taking on.” In terms of one’s strengths you should emphasize qualities necessary for the job such as:

-Great communication skills: Because this will be applicable with your clients, coworkers, and boss, you must not only tell them about this strength but also prove it
-Dedication: Express that you are hard working and that you are committed in carrying out your tasks and goals
-Knowledgeable: Based on your academic background and experiences, showcase your knowledge on the field by naming acquired skills and abilities

4) Tell me about your academic achievements.

Although the interviewer may see your cumulative GPA as well as any groups that you are involved with from your résumé, they can only know about your experiences through you. When responding to this, you should:

-Emphasize particular achievements that you are proud of
-Be prepared to explain any poor grades

5) Why do you want to intern for this specific company?

Reiterate how this company will benefit you and how you will benefit from the company. You can:

-Align your goals with the characteristics of the company
-Match your abilities with the purposes of the company -Reinforce that your skills meet the needs and requirements of the company
-Highlight the achievements of the company

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