How to Use Resume Keywords

If you want to know how to use Resume Keywords then read on...

Resume keywords can enhance your resume and take it to new levels. Any resume can benefit from using action packed words because those words show a prospective employer that you are a go-getter, you make things happen and you take initiative to accomplish your goals.

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All you need to do is substitute the Resume Keywords for the less-than-exciting words in your resume.

Go through your personal marketing materials (resume, cover letter) one section at a time, and substitute words from the Keyword list for words in your cover letter and resume. Transforming any piece of writing from mundane to outstanding may take a little time, but the benefits are beyond value.

Here are some examples of changes that can be made:


  • Managed
  • Added
  • Worked with
  • Figured out
  • Made
  • Directed
  • Increased
  • Collaborated
  • Solved
  • Produced

Here are a couple of examples:

Blah Example #1: Responsible for reviewing press runs
Better Example #1: Approved and supervised press runs

Blah Example #2: Checked agreement of plans to various regulatory codes
Better Example #2: Verified compliance of plans to regulatory codes

Remember that these two pieces of paper (your resume and cover letter) are the only means for an employer to determine if you should be considered for a job. You have to be sure that they are of the best quality.

If you want to get an excellent job, you have to be willing to put in the time to create excellent materials for an employer to reivew. By updating your resume with resume action words, you add an element of energy and enthusiasm to your professional qualifications.

Resume Keywords take a boring resume and turn in into a power-packed marketing piece that cannot be ignored. Now, you know how to use resume keywords to your advantage.

Take the time to do it right

The rewards are all yours

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