How To Make Yourself Look Professional on Facebook

Thanks to Harvard prodigy Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, with its continually rising membership exceeding 500 million users, is unquestionably the most accepted and highly effective social network advertising ever. Facebook has not only made achievable the vast novelty of reaching out and connecting with people universal, but also allowed it to be extremely user-friendly as well as highly enjoyable! However, one thing that any job-seeker should note is that the information and pictures posted on social networking sites, specifically Facebook, are also very easy for employers to search for and find, including information that was meant to remain confidential. Thus, whether you are looking to apply for a job or not, everyone who should know the simple do’s and don’ts in order to make yourself look more professional on Facebook.

The most important thing to remember when using Facebook is to be smart. For starters, job-seekers should begin by cleaning up their Facebook as much as possible or, if it is easier, deleting their existing Facebook and making a new, simple profile. Second, limit how many and which photos appear on your Profile, and to add professionalism, try to post content applicable to your specific career search. Also, make your profile private so that only friends are able to see it. However, a crucial point to consider is to choose your Facebook friend’s very carefully. Remember, in this day and age, you never really know who could know who, and bear in mind that “Mutual Friend’s” or “Friend’s of Friend’s” may be able to access information about you without your immediate consent.

Another essential detail to know about Facebook, and most social networking sites for that matter, is that people can, at any time and place, download your posts, comments, and images, and save them for later usage. Thus, if you really want to be on the safe side, imagine that everything on your Facebook will be played on a full-screen PowerPoint presentation for your future employers. If you think that there is anything debatable on your profile, bet double or nothing your potential employers will think so too. Employers desire to obtain as much information as they can about future employment candidates and, although it is your right to maintain an online personal life, keep in mind that Facebook is not as private as you may think or feel.

The spelling accuracy and grammatical correctness of the content on your Facebook is yet another aspect of professionalism that most people may disregard. However, the information you post and how you post it on your profile is key. Employers must feel certain that their future employee will be able to edit errors and oversights that they may be unable to find themselves. Thus, if a job-seeker is not able to maintain accurate spelling and grammar on their Facebook, which is identified as one of the most personal and insightful social networks today, potential employers may look at this as a weakness.

Seriousness aside, social networking sites are meant to be fun. They provide a truly original, exciting approach to connect with old friends or stay in touch with people who may be harder to contact. You do not have to pass up sites like Facebook in order to avoid getting pre-screened by a potential employer; you just need to be conscious and make intelligent choices about what you put on your profile. On that note, to really make yourself look more professional on Facebook, become well-familiarized with the privacy settings. There are a number of privacy options available to you on Facebook, and it is your job to make an active effort in utilizing them.

Employers have really nothing holding them back from acquiring as much information as they can on an impending employee, especially if that particular individual is on Facebook. Thus, it is a job-seekers responsibility to present a professional depiction of themselves for when these potential employers search for them. Facebook was created to be a fun, carefree social network between friends, but that still does not mean to be careless with what you share online. Even if it is your intention to share a certain image, video, or content for only a friend to see, remember that everything on Facebook is theoretically being shared with the world.

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