How To Find Jobs Through Facebook

People are spending more time on Facebook than they did just a year ago. Why? Not only is the site a great way to stay connected with friends, it also has developed features such as Groups, Events, and Apps that keep us hooked.

It's not surprising, then, that Facebook can be a great resource for finding a job. Here's how:

- Become a Facebook fan of companies:

Facebook has not only become a place for job seekers to potentially make a score, it's also allowed employers a way to market their available positions. Features like Monster's BeKnown app on facebook allows users to connect with professionals on their fanpage by allowing followers to see their job postings.

Make sure to "like" companies that you are interested in working for. Participate in any discussion they may initiate and enter any contests they may host. Get your name out there in a professional way. So simply find a companies Facebook fan page, Like it - and then you will start to receive updates in your news feed. You can comment under those updates, and often, if you make an intelligent comment - you will get noticed by the company and it can help you to get your foot in the door. So take commenting under company posts very seriously.

- Facebook apps:

One of their newest apps is BranchOut, Facebook's largest professional network. It allows users to connect with friends on a more professional level, create greater visibility, reveal connections in companies you're interested in, and see friends' interests. There are other career related Facebook apps to play with as well. At the end of the day - the more career apps you become familiar with - the more success you will have - with them.

- Stay casual, but professional:

We have all heard the tip to keep things professional and classy on your page. Although it might be quite a hassle to untag all those photos, regroup hundreds of acquaintances, or not post that status update about how hungover you are, remember that if you're serious about looking for a job, these steps are essential. Not only will your page be put to the test before the interview, but employers may want to check it out during or after they meet you.

So remember, Facebook creates opportunities for you in the job search world. Be active and creative and you'll be able to find opportunities while potentially connecting with people who work for the respective company. And of course, when you find a company through social media - it shows them you are passionate about social media - which will in turn will make you look better.

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