How Long Does An Interview Take

So how long should an interview take? Should I be worried if an interview is short? These are some questions most jobseekers want to know when they get an interview from a company.

This is really hard to answer since it really depends on the company. Some interviews may take as long as a few hours and some may take no longer than 30 minutes. It really depends on the company and their interview parameters. Some companies tend to be really strict where they go through the whole resume and ask for detailed information. In addition, some companies such as consulting firms ask case questions which tend to take a large portion of the interview time.

Some interviews run a long time because there is more than one person involved in the interview. You may start interviewing with the hiring manager and then you might move on to interview with a senior associate.

Sometimes, you might even meet with the president. Every company is different in their interview process. Many times, the contact person for the interview will tell you how long the interview will take. Sometimes, it is never mentioned and at that time you can always ask politely on how long you should expect the interview to take.

If the interview is extremely short, you can take it as a bad sign. Especially with a small business, sometimes they will not want to continue talking to you if they quickly realize there is not a fit. At the same time, a very long interview can be an excellent sign, because if a company takes that long to get to know you, they are more likely interested in you.

In summary, always get to an interview 15 minutes early, and don't make any plans for at least 2 hours after your interview. You really don't know how long it is going to take, and one thing that you never want to do in an interview is feel rushed or tell the employer that you have to leave early. 

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