How is the Second Interview Different

The first job interview is usually considered as a screening. Then, the second interview is considered to find the person who is right for the specific position that is available. Therefore, making to the second interview gives you a higher chance of getting into the job. Usually the first interview is a 30 minute interview with the human resources and hiring manager. However, the second interview is more in-depth and you will be meeting with several senior managers both inside and outside of the department that you applied for. They will look for the specific skills and talents you got.

In order to do well on the second interview, it is very important to prepare and practice enough times before the actual interview. Try to come up with some potential questions and make yourself prepared for them. Be sure to know the position requirements and have a clear sense of the department’s purpose. Read articles and go on the company website and study about the company and the department.

Once you studied about the company and the purpose of the department, you should practice relating that information with your own skills. It is essential for you to show how you can contribute your goals and skills to the company. Also, prepare yourself with questions that you did not ask on the first interview. Asking good questions will show that you are really interested in the company.

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