Hot Industries to Consider in 2012

There are countless benefits to being in a hot industry. The main benefit is that more jobs are available. When you are working in a growing field, there will be more opportunity for growth and advancement with your existing company or another company. You also tend to get better experience working in a hot industry and you will be working on products and ideas which will be a big part of our future. So if you are just starting out your career, or if you are considering a career changes; try and seek out an industry which will be around for a long time.

Here are some thriving industries to consider:

Social Media – Years ago, search engine optimization was the buzz word in the field of internet marketing. However, these days, more and more users are headed to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. With this being the case, website owners want to find ways to leverage social media to both boost their online brand and drive traffic. Plus, executives at companies often don’t know how to utilize and leverage social media which in turn makes the demand and job opportunities in this industry all the more prominent.

Solar Energy – Today’s generation is keenly aware of the importance of protecting our environment. Innovation continues in this field to create products and services which the everyday person can utilize while helping the environment at the same time. Solar panels are a clear example, as several companies offer homeowners the chance to install solar panels in their home. This field in itself is booming, and there also tons of other solar energy and environmental companies that continue to innovate and grow. As the companies grow, so too will the job opportunities, making this one of the hottest fields in the world.

Elderly Services - Baby boomers continue to age, and they have begun to enter the elderly stage. With a boost in the elderly population, will mean there is an increase in the demand for services to help take care of and look after the elderly. Those already working in this field can feel comfortable in knowing that clients and patients should continue to be out there for the many different types of businesses that exist. This too, is often not as competitive and difficult of an industry to enter – so if you are considering a career change this field could be a wise move.

Dermatology - Unfortunately, skin cancer has been on the rise. Reports have also surfaced questioning the value and impact of certain sun tan lotions. This has spurred on sun-protective clothing as a new product as people look to protect themselves from the sun. All the while, the field of dermatology continues to thrive and with the increased awareness about sun cancer, will result the need for more dermatologists. Plus, those already in the field can expect more frequent visits from patients looking to get check-ups to make sure that all is well with their skin.

Content Writing – Google continues to put more prominence and weight onto quality content. Google has launched Google Panda which is a way of penalizing content which doesn’t provide quality analysis or helpful advice. At the same time, more and more internet users are going to the web to read news or learn about a given topic. This means that good quality writers are in demand – and news websites and publishers are looking to hire full time or freelance writers who can contribute high quality content. Another pro to this field is that there is always the option to work for yourself and start your very own blog which you can then monetize with advertisements.

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