Graduate School Abroad

After completing an undergraduate degree, many students want to pursue more education by going to graduate school. In this process, they look at different programs throughout the country, weighing the positives of the program against cost and possible need to relocate. Students who engage in this process are unknowingly blocking themselves from a range of graduate school options. Attending graduate school abroad has been an increasingly popular and more importantly accessible option for many American students.

Apart from the life changing experience of living in another country, meeting new people and gaining invaluable life experience, going to graduate school abroad offers many benefits. International graduate school programs can be a fraction of the price of American programs, even when room and board is considered. Well ranked schools in Germany for example, have programs that cost less than $1000 a year. The same can be said for programs in Mexico and Sweden. When comparing these prices to American Universities, that can charge more than $40,000 a year, the financial benefits of studying abroad are obvious. Some concentrated international graduate programs can also be completed in one year, which only improves the economic advantages. If you are scared of having to learn a foreign language, there are many programs throughout Europe and in other secondary English speaking countries such as India, which are completely taught in English.

If the idea of studying in a foreign country appeals to you, there are still many things that you will have to consider. There is the obvious problem of having to deal with being far away from family, friends and familiar locations. There is also the issue of the culture shock that can sometimes occur when being in a new country. Through a more long term perspective, there are other broader issues to consider. A student’s overall plan plays a huge role in whether or not a certain graduate school program abroad is the right choice. If you are considering a more international style job, such as international affairs or international business, then a graduate degree from another country would be helpful for realizing these goals. If going back to the United States is part of your plan, a little more work may have to be put into legitimizing your degree for perspective employers. To solve problems like these, research is the key. It is important for students to know how well their prospective degree will transfer back to the U.S. offers an extensive list of international graduate programs. After finding programs that appeal to you, do research and lots of it. It is hard to generalize about the pros and cons of graduate school abroad, because each student’s case is different, but regardless it should be an option to consider.

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