Goals Objectives Tasks

You have to set them in order: Goals Objectives Tasks

The answer to that questions depends upon what you want to achieve in life. Do you have goals for the future? What do you want to be when you grow up?

For most people, life just "happens". There is no plan to achieve wealth, career success or a spiritual joy. Life just "is". If you spend more time planning your next dinner menu than you do defining your goals and dreams, then you are missing out on an amazing opportunity to enrich your life.

If you don't set goals, you have nothing to focus your energy and time on, thus you end up wasting your life on things that have little or no value. Announcing to the world that you want to be a pediatrician means nothing unless you follow that goal up with a solid action plan.

A goal is merely a dream
unless it has an action plan attached to it

How can you make your life more meaningful? How are you supposed to know what you want to be doing in 5 years? How do you set goals so that you can achieve more in life?

Goals Objectives Tasks


The first thing that needs to be done is to put your goals down in writing. Consider having a goal for each of the areas of your life that you value the most. Some possible areas to think about are:
  • Emotional Health – love, security, mental health, relationships
  • Physical Health – nutrition, exercise, preventative care
  • Spiritual Wellness – faith, reading, attending church
  • Financial Peace – debt-free living, building wealth, investing
  • Career Success – education, training, promotions
  • Community Service – financial support, volunteering time

Write down the goals you have for each of these areas (and others if you have additional desires for your future). Make sure your goals are written in the present tense and that they are one sentence long. Keep them positive.

NOTE: If you have a goal written down that isn't something you wholeheartedly believe in, you will not devote your time or full attention to it. You're better off to not write it down if you aren't behind it 100%. How could this happen? We sometimes write down the goals we think others would have for us – or we write down goals that we think we ought to have because they are "the right thing to do". That is bogus. Don’t do it. It will not lead to success.


Once you have your goals written down, reflect on the objectives (or sub-goals) that you will have to achieve in order to reach the main goal.

For instance, if you want to get rid of all of your debt, you will first have to make the following sub-goals a reality first:
  1. make a budget
  2. quit spending, except for necessities
  3. pay off your debts (smallest first, then move to the larger ones)
  4. stick to the budget even though it will be painful


Writing out the tasks actually becomes fairly easy as you have reached a point now where it all starts to make sense. In the above example, the tasks associated with the first objective might be: a) write down a list of bills (liabilities), b) document all income, c) determine the creditors you owe money to, and d)set limits on spending so that the extra money goes toward paying down the debt.

That is kind of a simplistic approach, but you get the idea. Write everything down. When you write it down, you become accountable for it.

If it helps, you can use the template on this page to help with the writing process: Goal Setting Template

The last thing you need for the process is a date…a completion date, to be exact. How long will it take you to achieve each goal? Nothing is in concrete, of course, as life gets in the way sometimes, but when you have something to aim at, you're more likely to get close to it than if you don't have something to aim toward at all.

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Goals Objectives Tasks

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