Give The Job A Chance

So, you are 4 weeks into your new job and you are miserable. You aren't getting along with your coworkers, your boss is tough, the job tasks aren't what you expected - and the daily commute is 15 minutes longer than you expected. You are considering looking for a new job, but don't just do that yet. Give your new job a chance.

It takes time to get comfortable and acclimated with a job. Coworkers who at first may feel like strangers eventually will be people that you come to know very well. Most people genuinely want to get along with and get to know each other. When you start out at a new job you are forced to work closely with and get to know your coworkers. This puts instant pressure on people and it makes them feel as if they have no other choice to like each other. This best thing to do is to take it slowly, ease into it – and you will find that it happens naturally. And once you begin to click with your co-workers – your job satisfaction is likely to improve.

The boss is always a touchy subject. Some bosses are strict, others are laid back. Bosses can sometimes be rude and un-appreciative. Keep in mind that this simply is a fact of life. Not everyone loves their boss, and this certainly doesn’t not mean that the job is hopeless. The best advice is to kill your boss with kindness. Be nice, respectful, and work hard for your boss. This is the best medicine for an unfair boss. Remember other people who work for your boss probably feel the same way as you, and if you are constantly nice than your boss will probably end up directing some of their unfairness elsewhere.

A job description during an interview rarely follows sit once the job starts. Companies are always evolving, and the business needs change month over month. So, if you are doing work that you didn’t plan for – remember that it is common. And just as quickly as your job tasks changed the first time, they can change again. So if you are doing work you didn’t expect and don’t enjoy, before you know it – you may be doing different work that you didn’t expect which you really enjoy. So, work hard on all of your tasks and over time you may be able to morph yourself into work which you really enjoy.

As for the commute – that is always something you have to deal with. The key is to enjoy the commute. Listen to music, talk on the phone, or just simply relax. Try not to see your commute as something annoying, instead find ways to enjoy it each and every day. It can be amazing once you start enjoying your commute when you remember how much you actually use to dread it. Most everyone in the world commutes, it is imply a fact of life – so do your best to embrace it.

In summary, the job may get a lot better. And if it doesn’t – you could always leave at a later date – but for now, it is probably a good idea to give your job a chance and see if you can work hard and make it be a better situation for yourself.

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