Gap In Employment

Should I list my last employer?

Which resume format should I use? - Based on a question posed on the "Ask a Resume Expert" page

Question from Dave in PA: "My position as a Regional Sales Manager was suddenly eliminated due to new management reorganization after only two months. Is it okay to state this on my resume?"

Our Response: That is a tricky question. There are a few things to deal with in this situation. The first is that if you do not list the employer, a prospective employer is going to wonder why you have a gap in employment. They will also wonder why you left your previous employment without any prospects. You can expect to get some uncomfortable questions during the interview if you don't list that employer on your resume. However, if you do list the employment, you will have employers wondering why you are looking for a new job so soon.

What makes the most sense is to list the employer on your resume, then explain the situation briefly in your cover letter. You will answer some questions before they are asked and you'll be straightforward in your approach with prospective employers. When it comes time for the interview, you won't have as much to explain as you will already have headed off some pointed questions by dealing with the situation ahead of time.

Even though it may be difficult to know what the best thing to do is in some employment situations, it's usually best to be honest and state the facts up front. It is easier on the nerves and you don't have to worry about what might show up in a background check – or – what you might accidentally let slip in the interview (or down the road on the job.)

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