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There are a number of reasons that free resume formats can help you when you are creating your own resume. First, you have an opportunity to see what each resume format looks like before writing a word. You can select the best resume format that works for you and your situation. Second, you don't have to shell out money for a book or a membership to a site to find the information you need. The resume formats on this site don't cost a thing.

It is important to understand that all resumes contain basically the same information. Each resume will consist of your name and contact information, your job objective, your education and past work history, any military background you have, professional affiliations, licenses, and hobbies (if they are relevant to the job you are seeking). Sometimes a resume will also contain a summary of qualifications. What makes the difference in each resume format is in how the information is presented.

On this site, you'll find the following free resume formats: Chronological, Functional and Combination (which brings together aspects of the Chronological and Functional resume formats.)

Here is a brief description of each resume type:

Chronological Resume Format

A chronological resume lists your most recent job duties and employment dates first. This type of resume tends to be fact-based and may be easily skimmed. It works for those with experience and a steady job history. It is difficult for career changers and those who lack on-the-job experience.

Employers tend to prefer a chronological resume because it is easier to read and review the work history dates and work experience. However, this resume type displays flaws more easily, such as employment gaps.

Functional Resume Format

A functional resume focuses on skills, experience, and accomplishments. In a functional resume you are advertising your specific qualifications, not the order in which you obtained them. Functional resumes let you emphasize volunteer or civic experience, training, or education. The functional resume is not usually the favorite resume type among employers, as it is a little more difficult to read. The work history and career paths are not as clear, however, this format is good if you have gaps in employment, are changing careers, or are starting out in the job market.

Combination Resume Format

The combination resume brings together the best of both the chronological and functional resumes. It features a functional section that highlights skills, accomplishments and experiences. It also includes a chronological listing of employment, education and employment-related experiences. This is a very effective format for many job seekers. The best chronological resume is enhanced with a section highlighting skills, accomplishments and experience. The best functional résumé is strengthened with a chronological listing of employment experiences.

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