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When you search the internet for a free resume format, you are probably looking for a good example of a resume so that you have a good guideline from which to write your own resume. It's a great idea and one that will benefit you in many ways.

First, using a resume format as an example is better than using a resume sample. What is the difference, you ask? Well, a resume sample provides one person's information in a specified format (chronological, functional, or combination). If you are using a resume format as your example, you are basically looking at a resume template – a blank resume – as your guideline.

Second, when you write your own resume, it's good to look at the various resume formats to determine which one best matches your needs. For instance, some people have a gap in their employment history and they may want to disguise that as much as possible. Both the functional resume format and the combination resume format are very well suited for this purpose.

Your resume is going to be your primary marketing tool when you search for a job. It needs reflect your skills, abilities, and accomplishments in the best way possible. Part of making your resume work for you is choosing a resume format that works for you. The other part is in making the content of your resume as focused and energetic as you can.

A free resume format can help you with making a good choice about which format to use. You will have to apply the various other pieces of information on this site in order to ensure your resume content is professional and targeted.

To help you with that, here are some pages on this site that are essential to providing the kind of information that prospective employers are looking for.

The Resume Outline

Resume Keywords


Professional Resume Templates

Make your resume one that employers WANT to read and you'll have a job offer in no time.

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