Four Resume Tips

Four Resume Tips
Four A's for Success

Writing a resume entails a lot of time and thought. It can be made much easier, though, if you utilize these four resume tips. Learn how to make your resume stand out by ensuring that these 4 elements (four resume tips) are presented in the right way in your resume.

The Four A's are:

  • Abilities
  • Achievements
  • Action
  • Arrangement

Resume Tip Number One – Abilities

We all have skills and talents that separate us from our competitors. Demonstrate to the prospective employer what you are capable of doing, but do so in a way that expresses your enthusiasm and dedication to the job. Show the employer what you can do and how well you can do it. Are you proficient at a particular skill? Let the employer know. This is not just a boring list of what you have done before. It is a marketing piece directed at exciting the prospective employer about hiring you to be a part of the organization.

Resume Tip Number Two – Achievements

What have you accomplished thus far in life and how will it enhance your ability to do a great job for your next employer? Don't just list what you have achieved, but go the next step and be bold about what you have undertaken in the past. Give examples. If possible, use numbers to quantify the work that you have done. For instance, "Utilized new workflow procedure to increase the efficiency of the plant by 20%." Be realistic, but don’t be afraid to sell yourself.

Resume Tip Number Three – Action

Use strong action keywords (verbs) within your resume to convey your ability to take action. Showing problem solving skills and initiative are essential in today's job market. Think of the responsibilities of your former employment and how you were challenged to excel. Focus on the challenges and how you overcame them. Define the opportunities where you used your resourcefulness and innovative thinking to do something in a different way and how it benefited the company you worked for.

Resume Tip Number Four – Arrangement

Look at the overall layout of your resume. Demonstrating your amazing abilities and quantifying your accomplishments with bold action words are meaningless if they are convoluted in a format that is unreadable. Use a format that is recognized and that suits your background as well as your goals.

The Three Most Recognized Resume Formats are:

  1. Chronological Resume Format
  2. Functional Resume Format
  3. Combination Resume Format
Devote the time necessary to create an outstanding resume and you will have employers taking notice (read: inviting you for an interview). Each of these resume tips is designed to provide you with the kind of information that employers want you to know.

The Four A's of Resumes are important resume tips to keep in mind as they will guide you to prepare resume materials that are of the highest quality.

You deserve the best

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