Flight Attendant Interview Answers

Getting an interview for a position as a Flight Attendant can be very competitive. This is why you must prepare yourself for the interview, knowing the résumé you submitted inside and out and being able to expand on each of the points on it. Listed below are five questions typically asked during interviews for a flight attendant position. Each question is followed by guidelines you must adhere to in order to respond to the question effectively.

1) Describe a time when you had to deal with a displeased customer.

Because this is a problem-solving question, you must:
  -Emphasize that your solution involved making the needs of the customer your first priority
  -Make sure that your solution demonstrates your interest not only in the customer’s satisfaction, but also their protection and comfort
  -Show that your own personal thoughts about the situation, though they may be in disagreement, can be put aside to leave the customer happy

2) Do you enjoy working on your own or surrounded with other people?

The answer to this is obvious. Because flight attendants are constantly interacting with passengers as well as other fellow flight attendants you should:

  -Demonstrate your sociability by communicating effectively, keeping eye contact, smiling as appropriate
  -Describe past experiences that prove your suitability for more interactive positions

3) Are you willing to relocate?

Because the answer to the question is most likely to be a condition of being hired, you should:   -Express to the interviewer that relocation is not a problem, if it truly is not
  -Ask the interviewer where you will potentially be relocating, just in case there are certain places you might not want to transfer to
  -Express any concerns you may have as this may be difficult to get out of once you have said that it is okay

4) Why do you want to work as a flight attendant?

You need to reveal your reasons for wanting to work as one while skillfully selling yourself to the interviewer by:   -Naming qualities about yourself that are applicable to flight attendance such as having professionalism, giving great customer service, being patient, having a gracious attitude, and being hospitable while explaining that you deem those qualities to be admirable

  -Expressing your passion for serving customers and being on flights
  -Conveying your spontaneous character and willingness to be in a fast-paced environment

5) Why did you choose to want to work for this specific airline?

Here they are looking to see that you did your homework on their company. When answering this you must:

  -Reveal parts of their mission statement, which is a clear indication of having researched the company prior to the interview
  -Name some of the destinations their airplanes travel to
  -Know some of the programs that the airline promotes
  -Speak of their success and good reputation

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