Five Phone Interview Tips

A lot of people tend to take telephone interviews very lightly. However, what they tend to overlook is that phone interviews are often the groundwork for your personal interview and you need to keep a few things in mind.

1) Prove your sincerity - If the recruiter has given you a time for making a call, make sure you are available in that time frame. Not many recruiters would want to call you again and again, especially when they have other options from which to choose.

2) Revise your CV/Resume - Telephone interviews are often conducted on the basis of your resume. It is advisable that you keep your resume in front of you while answering the question. One advantage you have in a telephonic interview is that you can be as precise about the details of your resume as possible and create an impression on the interviewers. You could also rehearse some general interview questions to avoid wasting time.

3) Find a Peaceful Location - It is also important to select a secluded place for your conversation, so that the interviewers are not bothered by other voices. It would not only provide you with some peace of mind but also save you from embarrassment of asking them to repeat their questions.

4) Sound determined - Telephone interviews are often done to gauge your response to unforeseen circumstances and questions. It is different from a regular personal interview because the interviewers will not be able to see the sweat beads on your forehead. Keep your voice firm and determined.

5) Remember your etiquette - Just because your interviewer is not in front of you, it does not mean you do not need to show them proper etiquette. You should make sure you start with a greeting and end with a thank you. If you are unable to understand a question, you should be polite and not forget to say ‘pardon’ or ‘could you please repeat the question’.

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