Fired From Job
How to Handle the Resume?

I just got fired from my job

Question from Bob in Toronto: "Just got fired from job I was at for 8 weeks. Should I put it on my resume? If not how do I cover the gap from previous job until now?"

Our Response: No one wants to have a gap in employment on their resume, but there are times when it is inevitable. In your situation, Bob, the first thing I would suggest you think about is whether or not this job is geared toward your long-term career goals. If it is, then you have to consider whether or not any future employer will want to contact the former employer as a reference. Employers in some fields are more prone to checking with previous employers than others (i.e. finance, human resources, government positions, etc.) Do you work or plan to work in a field where your previous employment will be scrutinized?

The second thing I could suggest you think about is how you would handle questions about the employment gap should it come up in an interview – and you haven't listed the job on your resume. If the prospective employer asks what you did during that 8 week period of time, what will you say? If you decide to lie, which I never recommend, a background check could eliminate any possible job offers. If you tell the truth (but you didn't list the job on your resume), you will have to provide a reasonable explanation as to why you didn't list it on your resume.

It is important to look at all of the alternatives when writing a resume and be aware of the impact a single decision can make.

Most likely, the best course of action is to be honest and list the job on your resume. You can ask your previous employer to abide by the law and only state your dates of employment to anyone inquiring about your employment with their organization. If your situation with them was not especially friendly, that may be enough to caution them against providing more information than they need to (which protects you).

When it comes time to interview, be prepared. Practice answering job interview questions ahead of time so you have well-thought-out answers to those tricky interview questions. Nothing matters more than the making a good impression and being calm, organized and prepared sets the tone for a positive interview experience.

Take a look at this page about job interviewing. There are a number of important pieces of information contained on this page – as well as on all of the pages linked to from this page.

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