Finance Interview Answers

Getting an interview for a position in Finance is a multi-step process. They are likely to ask you technical questions including defining terms, contrasting the difference between terms, and describing finance functions. Aside from these technical questions, they do ask more general ones that help them to figure out how appropriate a person you are for the finance position. Listed below are five questions typically asked during interviews for a position in Finance. Each question is followed by guidelines you must adhere to in order to respond to the question effectively.

1) What are some of the skills you possess that align with the demands of this industry?

For this type of question, they are trying to pinpoint how your abilities are in alignment with those needed for the industry of finance. You must then:

-Show that you have done your research about the industry itself and emphasize the qualities that are required of the workers in it (examples include detail orientation for tax reporting and planning, utilizing resources to determine business valuations, or effective communication for business meetings and presentations)
-Link skills with specific duties in the various positions in the industry as shown in the example above
-Mention any qualifications you may have such as having finished an M.B.A. program or having passed the CPA examination

2) What are the greatest challenges and opportunities that finance professionals currently face?

The interviewer is trying to see how well informed you are about the current economy regarding how it is struggling and in which ways it is growing. You should:

-Describe the most up-to-date economic condition and the situation of the financial area including regulatory modifications, status problems, availability of credit, budget cutbacks, and the latest industry advances

3) Can you describe a recent situation in which you accomplished an important objective in a brief period of time?

Because time management is such an important quality needed for workers in the industry, they want to know that you are able to make correct decisions efficiently. You should:

-Tell of a time in your past work or school experiences when you were on a time crunch to finish a project or assignment
-Emphasize that stress does not phase you, as you work better under pressure because it allows you to keep focused
-Express that you know how to prioritize your responsibilities to effectually accomplish the goal in mind

4) Which magazines and newspapers do you read for business and financial news?

This should be a simple question if you are on top of knowing what is going on the economy. Some popular examples include:

-Financial Times
-Harvard Business Review
-International Business Times
-Wall Street Journal

5) Why should we choose you to work for our company?

In addition to mentioning your skills and qualifications, it is a good idea to:

-Refer to the company’s achievements and assert your abilities to build on them
-Discuss your willingness and capability to help the company grow and achieve its goals
-Tactfully mention the challenges you notice the companies face, and how you can help it overcome them

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