Experience matters

by jessi

once one of my colleague did not get interview calls from any company , so he was brave enough to directly visit the company without the interview call. the Receptionist took everybody resume and returned back resume of my colleague and kindly said "the job profile demands experienced people not freshers". my Colleague replied "In a job, knowledge matters not the experience" and he stayed there for his turn. Seeing this the receptionist informed about my colleague confidence and believe it or not, the interviewer chose my colleague to be interviewed first. he went and the interviewer started asking questions from basic to intermediate level of specific subject, my colleague answered "pass" "pass" for almost all questions. The interviewer was puzzled to see my colleague incapability to answer simple questions. At last interviewer asked "where is your knowledge now? my colleague answered "thank you very much. you made me know how much knowledge i possess." with a warm smile he jumped quickly from the interview room. the interviewer was shocked to hear his response and action so fast.

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Oct 12, 2015
yes NEW
by: Michelle

Yes! I completely agree. No matter how much talent or knowledge you have, this not being combined with hard work e.g. experience means nothing.

Jun 25, 2015
informative NEW
by: Sam

What a great and very informative article regarding experience matters. In this post you have mentioned the situation when someone don't have experience and due to this reason he don't get job, that situation is very pretty able. So, everyone company have quota for the inexperience and educated people. Infect, I have found a list of someone companies on www.ontimeessay.net which have quota for such kind of people.

Jun 02, 2010
And the point is????
by: Anonymous

Sorry, but the way I read this, your friend just wasted everyone's time. His, the receptionist, the interviewer and now mine.

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