Environmental organisation

by Cheeta

I had an interview with one of Montreal's best known (supposedly)non-governmental environmental organizations, only for a phone based customer service job. The only thing you have to do is renew their clients' donations. Nothing big at all, it's just a small job on the side. You really don't need any school degree or technical background of some sort. It's just very basic customer service.

I was interviewed by two young ladies who got me into a room and sat down with me, and started asking me question after question after question on "what would you do if this happened" and "what would you do if that happened" and "how would you react to this" and "how would you react to that" and "what would you answer if someone asked you this" and it WENT ON FOR 45 MINUTES of questions, each one more difficult than the other it was sooo horribly boring and stressful for nothing at all!! Although I had worked in a medical clinic for more than a year as an executive secretary and it was stated on my CV, it seemed like they really didn't trust my experience in customer service since their questions were so pointy and difficult to answer.

At one point I was getting really tired of their stupid questions I really felt like I wanted to leave and I didn't care about getting the job or not, I didn't want to work with these people at all. Each time one would ask a question, the other one would smile and nod to her as if she was saying "Oh yeah that's a good tough question!!" It was pathetic!

They made me feel so uncomfortable and they were asking questions only someone who had worked in the environmental field for YEARS would know how to answer. I felt as if I was being interviewed for becoming the director of the organiszation.
When they finished all their questioning I was relieved and couldn't wait to leave that place and go home. But before the interview was over, they asked me if I had any questions. Even though I didn't, I just felt like I wanted to put them in that same ugly position they put me in so I started asking pointy questions and all they could answer was "Umm...visit our website you can get all the info there". That's when I knew they were just stupid women with absolutely no experience in human resources and interviews.

Just as I was leaving, it was me who calmed the atmosphere and asked friendly and nice questions to them like "will you be going anywhere this summer" and "how long have you been working here", etc. Just some sweet personal questions that can make the whole conversation a little more enjoyable and really getting to know the person you might maybe work with one day.

It was so horrible, but guess what, I got the job and I don't even know how it happened. I really hesitated at accepting the job since the interview was so unpleasing.

To all of you who will be put in a same uncomfortable and cold position with the interviewer for a job, just try to calm the atmosphere with a little joke, or ask them "personal" questions on their own experience, or ask THEM questions and see how they answer. They probably will seem very stressed out to answer them and that's the very reason why they were pissing you off the whole time with their pointy questions, because they're scared of you.

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Nov 04, 2015
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