Employment Agencies – Are they helpful?

Are you wondering how employment agencies can help you in your quest for that dream job?

To understand how agencies can help you with a good job you will need to understand the way they work. You will find more about that in a moment. Before that, let’s set the expectations for this article. Here you will learn about employment agencies, the kind of services they provide, best sources of locating the agencies in your area, how to benefit from agencies and the pitfalls you must avoid while dealing with them.

What Are They?

Employment agencies are organizations that specialize in providing jobs or employment to individuals like you and me. An agency is more like a match maker. On one end of the spectrum is the employer who needs suitable candidates for open positions and on the other end is the job seeker who needs a job. The role of the employment agency is to connect the employer and the prospective employee with the right set of qualifications. These agencies employ job counselors to interact with the prospective employer and employees.

How Do They Work?

There are two sides to the job of an employment agency. One side deals with the candidates looking for jobs and the other deals with the potential employees. The agencies keep track of job vacancies through various means and then find the candidates with required qualifications that may fit into the job.

After matching the profile of the candidate with the requirements of the job, they conduct an initial screening and then arrange for an interview. Once the candidate is selected and accepts the offer, the agency is paid by the employee and sometimes by the candidate as well.

That was an overview for your understanding of the cycle in which these organizations work. There are many more roles that an employment agency may take up on behalf of the employers.

Here are a few of them:

  • Conducting initial screening of the resumes and sorting out the best suited ones.
  • Interacting with the candidates to schedule interviews.
  • Conduct background checks, reference checks, drug-screen and sometimes a pre-interview.

You must be wondering why a company should hire the services of an agency to hire employees when it could get it done all by itself. There is a very solid reason for that. Nowadays companies and businesses across the globe are more and more realizing the importance of retaining their core expertise and outsourcing the other activities. Thus a company that makes furniture is good at making furniture and may not be good at hiring people with right skill sets. Thus by outsourcing the job to experts at employment agencies they are leveraging on the head hunting skills of the placement offices at a fraction of the cost which they otherwise would have incurred by doing it all by themselves.

Advantages of Using Employment Agencies

Applying for a job through one of the well recognized agencies makes things easier for the candidate and has its own advantages.

Most of the successful employment agencies have a good relationship with many of the companies that could provide you employment. The fact that they have been in the field longer and are considered to be successful is a testimony to their healthy relationship with their customers. Thus there are better chances of your resume being seen by the best companies in your field. Sometimes the vacancies are not released in public but the employment agencies have information about that. In such a case you stand a good chance of getting an interview call because of less competition.

Before accepting an interview call or appearing for it, it’s always a great idea to be knowledgeable about the company for which you are trying. This kind of information can be obtained from good placement organizations. In fact the better employment agencies go that extra mile to help you understand the work environment and the history of the prospective employer.

If you are in a field of specialized expertise then it is always a better idea to have your resume processed through an agency that specializes in your field. Specialized agencies have better domain knowledge and can give you the opportunities and challenges you have been looking for.

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