Dental School Interview Answers

Any person who wants to be a dental assistant, dental hygienist, dental technician, or dental therapist must go to dental school. Once a person obtains their dental degree, they will be qualified to work in these positions. The interviewee, thus, must be prepared for questions regarding the industry as well as be able to communicate one’s relevant experiences. Listed below are five questions typically asked during interviews for dental school admission. Each question is followed by guidelines you must adhere to in order to respond to the question successfully.

1) What influenced your decision to pursue a career in dentistry?

This question is asked normally to break the ice before going to more technical questions. Answer this by sharing:

-A story about the person who influenced you such as your parents, teacher, or friend (if applicable)
-That wherever your story is rooted from helped you develop a passion for the anatomy and development of the teeth
-That you were inspired to be the person who helps tackle the diseases and disorders of the oral cavities

2) Dentists need to have good hand coordination. Do you feel you have this? How so?

A good way to respond to this is to describe previous jobs that helped develop this very important trait. You must name several examples of how you practiced this including:

-Having been in a cake competition once, in which one had to make very unique and creative cakes, which had to be several feet tall, so measuring, cutting, slicing, and decorations had to be accurate
-Having taken fashion classes in school. This helped teach precision as one had to measure everything accurately and sew accordingly

3) What qualities do you think are necessary in working in the industry?

This tests whether or not you have researched the industry. Remember to name:

-Maturity and responsibility
-Strong interpersonal skills
-Self awareness
-Academic preparation
-Dexterity and perceptual skills
-Diagnostic abilities and manual skills
-Good visual memory
-Excellent judgment
-Scientific ability

4) What is your approach to treating a patient with HIV?

You must state that you are neither judgmental nor repulsed toward a patient with this condition. Respond to the question sensitively by expressing that:

-You will care for them just as you would the other patients
-You will use the same precaution procedures such as double gloving and proper handling of needles
-You will exert the same effort to review their medical history and treat them accordingly
5) What will be the basis of your decision once you have visited all your prospective dental schools?

There is no “correct” way to answer this since each person has their various reasons for choosing a school. You might want to highlight the features of the school you are interviewing for because it might help you achieve acceptance into the school. When responding, do consider:

-The different programs offered
-The location of the school
-Tuition costs

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