Deloitte Interview Process

by Ritul Aditya


Deloitte visited MNIT campus on August 7th-8th with IT Consultancy profile.

On Day 1, a Powerpoint was started at 10.30am and lasted for 2 hours - the longest PPT of this placement season. The whole session was quite nice and interactive with a panel of 5 people. Just after the PPT, we had written test, it was like a mini CAT paper with 40 aptitude problems covering almost all segments and that are to be solved in 50 minutes. I successfully attempted 21 odd problems(of which all were correct) and made a blind guess to other 19 problems as there was no negative marking, but I was quite sure of getting through it due to my already boosted confidence through NETAPP's rigorous process that I had faced just 2 days before with my best efficiency so far.

After 3 hours we got the results. My name was there along with 58 others (a total of around 170 students sat for the written). Now we were divided into 9 groups and were asked to come for a briefing of a Case Study on the next morning.

On day 2, the process was started at 8am with 5 additional HR members (it was like a joint family came to recruit). I was in Group 3 with 6 members(Ankur from ELE, Ankit & Sofia from ECE, Ashok & Abhinav from CS and Gaurav Bansal from IT). We were given a paper comprising the case of an automobile company facing difficulty in managing a large number of products then we had a GD over the topic for 30 minutes under the supervision of Senior most HR person. Then we have to present the solution to the case individually over a chart paper for 2 minutes. I guess I took small advantage in that round which helped me in presentation round as well and I used more and more business oriented terminologies like ERP, SCM & CRM that made my presentation different. (I also received a special comment from the supervisor too over this).

After all Presentations, 25 Students were short-listed for the next Round i.e. Personal Interviews. Me and Sofia were short-listed from my group.

I was the 1st one to be interviewed among all 25 (but I was praying for the same as due to this I got free early and met my parents who were in College for just 1 hr. and after facing 5 hardcore technical rounds in NETAPP, my confidence level was much higher so being 1st wasn't a trouble for me.)

I was interviewed by technical expert Jignesh and finance expert Jaya Shetty. Before I entered the room they had already scanned my resume and were ready to fire questions(as they made resume copy dirty by putting so many marks over it), but they started with formal question "Tell me something about yourself" and to this I replied with basic introduction and in just 2nd line I mentioned about my global exposure through summer internship and then I myself drove my interview for next 15 minutes over the explanation and discussion of the project. He then asked me about my favourite subjects and asked me few questions over them, then he asked me about my other projects. I explained them quite nicely and also mentioned their implementation at various places. He was quite impressed until now, but then he started firing HR questions, first was "Do you have any plans for going for a Masters?" to this I replied "Right now, I need corporate exposure but after 2 years I could go for an MBA or Masters in Technology that would be beneficial for Deloitte's perspective too."

Second was "What if you were given a work that you don't like?" As a reply I mentioned my love for working on new technologies and my flexible attitude. I also gave an example from my internship project and also mentioned about Deloitte's culture that I heard from passout seniors. Then a few questions were asked about my Extra-Curricular Achievements and websites I have made. The process was going extremely fine till now and had already taken 30 minutes. Then finally he asked me "Do You have any questions?" I asked him "Still there are 10 Months before I am going to join Deloitte" (I was saying it with a confidence so as to create advantage over interviewer) so on what factors I must emphasis more in this period. But it seems my trick didn't work effectively as he replied in quite diplomatic manner. Then Jaya asked me about my hobbies to which I replied “I don't have a specific hobby. What I do all depends on the time I have free." Her eyebrows were widened after hearing this (it was completely unexpected and shocking for her ..I guess) and immediately she asked me about any of my drawbacks. To this I replied that I am bit over committed and explained through project work and team works mentioned in the resume, but she was not satisfied by the answer and told me that this is one of the bigger drawbacks and that I should have better teamwork skills. For this I again threw a bouncer, No problem Ma'am. There are still 10 months to join Deloitte and I'll overcome this problem". I think this time my trick worked as she had a million dollar smile over her face.

Finally, Jignesh asked me "Any more questions?" I said "no" as everything was answered well in the PPT, then he told me "It was quite nice talking to you, we"ll let you know the results soon" and they shook hands with smiling faces.

So, this was my interview experience and after 3 hours we got results. 17 out of 25 got selected including Piyush, Vishesh, Sonakshi, Saurav, Nihar, Shehjad from CS and Richa, Prateek, Himanshu, Deepanshu, Kranti, Arpan and ME from IT and Neernay, Rajdeep, Sachin from ECE and Gaurav from Electrical.

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Jan 20, 2011
Loving it
by: Anonymous

Deloitte is a Brand and a best place to launch a career with.

I m from IIT Delhi and am njoying this place.

Oct 12, 2010
After getting selected in deloite
by: lakshmiprasanna

Deloitte is the most worst company. There is lot of harassment on freshers by the seniors in the company. It is better, if freshers prefer other company instead of joining deloitte.
If you choose deloitte instead of other companies, you will be the loser.Think about it and enquire about this company before joining deloitte.Deloitte is just a showup company.

You may doubt if it is a worst company,how well is it doing business. The reason is,it will use and throw the people.You won't have any improvement in your career.

Finally, either you won't earn any money and knowledge or you won't have jobsatisfaction.By that time you will lose valuable time in your career.Even if you try for other company at that time, you won't get selected because you were used and thrownout in deloitte.

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