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Question from Julich in Cedar Rapids, Iowa: "I am in the process of getting my MSN (Master's of Science in Nursing) degree. I have completed 2 courses but am now transferring to a different college. How do I list this on a resume? How do I list that I have 2 graduate courses completed from 1 school but have not completed the degree yet?"

Our response: When putting your resume together, it is important to put as much positive targeted information as possible where employers can readily review it. Sometimes, when you are in college or a recent college graduate, you may feel as though you don't have enough information to fill in all the white space on the page.

The best thing you can do is highlight what skills, education and accomplishments you DO have and focus the prospective employer's attention on what you do well.

With limited work-related experience (at least in most cases), focusing on education is something that college students or recent college graduates must do to the best of their ability. Highlight specialized courses when they are relevant to the field of work you are pursuing. Make a note of your grade point average if it will leave a positive impression on the employer. Make the most of the education you have when listing it on your resume (and in your cover letter).

In the case of college courses taken, but a degree not conferred, list the college, the course of study you pursued and the dates you attended. In the cover letter, explain that you are continuing your course of study at another institution. When you are invited to an interview, be prepared to answer the interviewer when he/she asks why you elected to change schools.

Here is an example of how you can list college courses when no degree has been conferred.

Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
Currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Nursing
January 2007 – present
GPA: 4.0

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