Successful Cover Letter Guideline

This cover letter guideline is designed to provide you with a basic format for a resume cover letter. It may be tweaked to suit your specific needs, but try to ensure each area is covered appropriately, such as:

  1. the position for which you are applying
  2. why you want the job
  3. how your skills relate to the job
  4. your knowledge of the organization
If at all possible, try to keep the cover letter to one page. It is meant to be an introduction to you and your resume.


Applicant's Address

Date of Letter

Contact Person's Name and Title
Employer's Name
Employer's Address


Opening Paragraph: State why you are writing, name the position or type of work you are applying for, and mention how you heard of the opening or organization. In some cases, you may be responding to a "blind ad", but if possible, use the name of the company in this paragraph.

Middle Paragraph(s): Explain why you are interested in this type of work and why you chose this employer. State relevant work experience and education, but do not repeat the information from the resume. Point out specialized skills, training and abilities which relate to the job you are applying for. If you can weave in some relevant information about the organization from your research, this is section to do it in. Be confident. Sell yourself.

Closing Paragraph: Refer the reader to your resume for a summary of your qualifications. Close the letter with a positive statement or question which will prompt the reader to call you for an interview. Keep in mind that the reader is reviewing your written communication skills with this letter, so pay attention to grammar and spelling.


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