College Interview Questions

Interviewing for colleges can be a very nerve-wracking experience. However, because the person that one is interviewing with is usually an alumnus rather than a direct employee of the respective college, the pressure is usually not as intense. This specific interview process is primarily meant to see whether or not the candidate is a good fit for the college. The most important aspect of interviewing for colleges is showing off personality. Because test scores, grades, and even personal statements cannot adequately demonstrate one’s overall personality, it is important to let this shine during the interview process.

Questions that the interviewee will definitely ask are why the applicant is applying to that specific college and what exact contributions he or she can bring to the campus. Furthermore, the applicant will also probably be asked what passions and interests he or she would like to continue pursuing in college. Having a good understanding of the college as well as preparing questions in advance about the quality of education and student life can be an impressive feat to the interviewee so it is necessary to spend time reviewing the overall themes and virtues of the college. Most importantly, the college wants to see what sets the applicant apart from the rest of the pool, so being honest and forthcoming with answers will almost always be advantageous.

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