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Based on a question posed on the "Ask a Resume Expert" page:

Question from Cara in NY: "I recently graduated college and do not have a lot of experience. Can I still keep relevant job courses from college and from my job?"

Our Response: Any time you write a resume, it is always important to focus all of your skills and achievements on the position you are seeking – and yes – any experience or knowledge gained at school or from jobs can be included, especially if they support your job objective.

When you are fresh out of college, it is not always an easy task to come up with relevant work experience or school-related activities that reflect the actual work you are attempting to obtain.

What do you do? Get creative.

If you have held any positions or offices in any clubs or organizations, use any and all knowledge or experience gained to strengthen your resume. If you volunteered your time at a church or other non-profit organization, utilize any experience or skills learned to further enhance your resume.

Think about everything you have done in the past 4-5 years and how those experiences might translate into

Look at this article about some of the Most Important Job Skills. Many of the skills listed are not skills that are obtained on the job. Figure out how you can incorporate into your resume "taking initiative" and "negotiation skills" or anything else listed on that page and you will be far ahead of your peers.

Another good read is this article titled, "Resumes for College Grads."

No matter how you approach it, writing a resume this early on in your career is going to involve some extra work. It will pay off, though.

Take a look at the various Resume Formats to see which one best fits with your needs. A functional resume format may have some advantages, but read through all of the material to make your own informed choice.

Congratulations on recently graduating from college and best of luck in your career.

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You'll also find some outstanding articles in the book which will help you with your cover letter and the interviewing process, too.

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