College Application Cover Letter

A good cover letter can be fairly simple to make, but there are some very important rules to follow. A cover letter should always focus on professionalism; you do not want a reviewer to view you in any other way. Do research to find out the name of the head of undergraduate admissions at your school of choice and address the letter to them. This very simple step establishes a more personal connection to the reviewer and it also shows that you care enough to do so.

Throughout the letter it is important to show the ways in which you are not only a good fit for this particular undergraduate program, but that you have been putting in the necessary effort to be qualified for it as well. Your cover letter should include a brief introduction, an explanation of why you are interested in the program, as well as hobbies, activities, or classes that show these interests in practice. It’s important to keep the letter about three paragraphs in length, and not to exceed one page. Remember to end the letter in an appreciative and professional manner by including a sentence that thanks the reviewer for reading the letter and ending the letter with “sincerely.”

In the tough competition of today’s undergraduate programs, including a well-written cover letter in an application just may be the difference that gains you acceptance into the college of your dreams. A cover letter can help give your application more personality and more importantly; it proves to your application reviewer that you are more serious than other applicants and therefore more deserving of admittance to the school.

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