Job Classifieds

Maybe you will find your next job in the Classified ads.

The "Job Classifieds" or help wanted ads in newspapers often list numerous jobs. You can find pages and pages of open positions listed in most major newspapers. What you may not realize, however, is that many other job openings are not listed in the newspaper.

Employers have many ways to find their future employees.

Not only this, but job classifieds often do not give enough detail about the position being sought. They may offer little or no description of the job, working conditions, or pay. Some ads do not even identify the employer. They may simply give a post office box to which you can mail your resume, making company research and follow-up inquiries very difficult.

Also, factor in that some job classifieds offer out-of-town jobs and others advertise employment agencies rather than actual employment opportunities. It makes perusing the newspaper in search of a job a bit of a mine field.

When using classified ads, keep the following in mind:

• Do not rely solely on newspaper ads to find a job; follow other leads as well.
• Answer ads promptly, because openings may be filled quickly, even before the ad stops appearing in the paper.
• Read the ads pages every day, particularly the Sunday edition, which usually includes the most listings.
• Beware of "no experience necessary" ads. These ads often signal low wages, poor working conditions, or commission work.
• Keep a record of all ads to which you have responded, including the specific skills, educational background, and personal qualifications required for the position.

If you take a look at the table below, it outlines how people ACTUALLY find jobs (as opposed to how they THINK jobs are found).

As for how different job methods pay-off, the results are interesting. The most effective way to get a job is to apply directly to an employer. The next most effective method comes through using a private employment agency. The third most effective way is via a union hiring hall. The fourth most effective job finding method involves asking friends at work.

Do those results reflect what you expected them to? One thing to keep in mind is the phrase you have probably heard before "Don't put all of your eggs in one basket." The reason is that if something happens to that basket, you will have nothing left.

The same thing holds true for most aspects of business. Diversify everything to protect yourself in the event that something goes wrong. At least if it goes wrong in one area, it might go right in another area.

So, the bottom line is: Look for your next job in a variety of places. Do not simply rely on one method, such as job classifieds, to provide your dream job.

Using classified ads is fine, but do not rely on it them alone.

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