Chef Resume

When applying for a position of an executive chef or any other chef position, it is important to list all of your responsibilities that deal with the restaurant even if they do not directly have to deal with food. Listing all your awards and recognitions is also an important aspect, as this gives insight into how you connect and transcend your skills into your cooking.

John Mclaber
9410 Gren St, Ojai, CA 59120

Professional Experience Overview:

15 years of professional experience as a sous, line, and executive chef for various Cuban and Mediterranean cuisines.
Skills in budgeting, purchasing control, menu innovation, and food cost analysis.

Professional Work Experience

Executive Chef- Vanilla Love, Los Angeles CA, 90021. 2003 to present

Budget analysis of kitchen, food, and staff

Innovations for new restaurant menu and specials

Over viewing entire chef and line operations Chef- Red Swan, Oxanard CA, 91640. 1995-2003

Budget analysis of kitchen, food, and staff

Handling special event catering

Training new line cooks Sous Chef- Fever De Cubana, Ojai CA, 92303. 1988-1995

Responsible for cooking on the line

Handling baking station

Culinary Institute of America
Awards and Recognition
Voted Top Chef of Oxanard County 2002-2003

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