Career Planning

Career Planning for Professionals.
Why is it so important?

Do you have a career plan? Do you know where you want to be 10 years from now? 5 years? 1 year?

The reason for making decisions today about where you want to be tomorrow is so that you have the ability to actually get there. You have to have a plan. You have to have a Career Plan.

If you don't know exactly where you want to be, you will be wandering aimlessly from position to position hoping that somehow it will all work out. Unfortunately, that isn't how it works.

Think of it this way:
If you want to visit a friend who has moved out of state, you have to map it out or get directions. If you just start taking one street because it looks like the right way or another street because it seems to be pointing in the right direction, you will never get to where you want to go.

The great news is that Career Planning isn't some mystical smoke and mirrors experience. It's not hard at all. Just give yourself a little time and ask yourself a few questions and you'll be on the right track. As you have more time in the months and years to come, revisit your Career Plan and determine if it still makes sense for you or if you need to tweak it.

Yes, this is another task you have to do yourself. You can ask friends, family members and others who know you well if they can provide clues as to what they believe are your strengths and abilities, but only YOU know where your passion lies.

You are the only one who can create your destiny. You choose.

Take the time NOW to set the course for your future.

If you take the time to set your career goals, you will be ahead of 90% of the rest of the people out there who don't bother to plan ahead. You will be more successful than your peers in the same field because you know where you are going and how you intend to get there. You will make more money and you will be much happier. Why? Because you didn't wait for destiny to step in. You took control of your life and made things happen.

The fact that you are looking on this website proves that you are so far above your peers. You want more information. You want to:
  • Plan ahead.
  • Be successful.
  • Work hard.
  • Make good, sound decisions.
  • Live with integrity.
Below are some additional links to career planning articles which will provide you with more information on career planning. Absorb everything you can. If it doesn't benefit you right now, it will definitely make a difference down the road.

To get started with planning out a career, first you should look at some important career planning questions. Once you have a grasp on some questions, you can take advantage of career planning toolssuch as examining strengths and weaknesses right at the get go. Here are some Hot Industries to Consider in 2012, for your career choices. Taking Career Tests can help you determine which career paths are best suited for you. If you want to be successful, you need to enjoy what you do and you will enjoy it much more if you are working in a field that is right for you.

Assessing your Career Strengths is a very important part of the job search process. When you follow the concepts outlined here, you will have a huge advantage over your competitors.

Would you like to see the Employer's Perspective in the job search process? Understanding how an employer thinks can provide insight and shed light on what you need to do to be successful.

The Importance of Career Planning cannot be overstated. You have to know where you are going if you plan to get there.

National Career Fairs provide an opportunity for you to get some great networking contacts, even if you don't necessarily land a great job.

Are career tests helpful? They certainly can be especially if you take the time to answer the questions genuinely and honestly.

Use this Career Planning Template to get a better picture of what you enjoy doing and what kind of career might suit you.

There are many Personality Traits that employers look for in new employees. Find out what they are and you could land a job offer in your next interview.

If you are considering a career change, you will have to revamp your resume among other things. Follow this link Changing Careers to find out how to make your career change more successful. Planning is essential.

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? This is an excellent start for those who are not quite sure where their interests lie. Learn some techniques for clarifying your interests and goals. This is the essence of Career Planning.

If you are interested in Stock Broker Careers, follow this link to learn about the future employment trends in this career as well as the requirements for securing such career.

Of course the best way to be happy in a career is to find the best job for you. This would be a job which you have passion and excitement for.

Do you have Goals, Objectives and Tasks defined for the next month, year, or 5 years? Find out how you can achieve your goals. Then, when you have read that article, you can utilize the Goal Setting Template to simplify the process even more. Take your career planning to the next level.

Make your Career Planning Choices point YOU down the road to SUCCESS.

Not all employers are created equal. If you would like to see if your prospective employer is a good fit for you, read this article.

Knowing the companies which are the 100 Best Companies to Work For puts you ahead of your job competitors. Go after the great companies and get a job that leads to success.

Career goals differ for different career types. For example, if you take a look at career goals for teachers, you'll learn specific things which teachers should focus on.

Success Planning is a vital component of your ability to achieve goals. If you want to learn how to create your own success, read this awesome article titled, Success Planning. Career Planning is one aspect of Success Planning. Plan for a lifetime of success.

One of the most valuable pieces of information you will ever need can be found here:Your Personal and Professional Traits Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with something that employers REALLY want you to know.

Knowing where to look for jobs is certainly important, but knowing where the jobs will be in the years to come can tell you what direction you might want to head in during the months and years ahead. See what the Occupational Outlook is for the future.

We all must have good career goals if we are going to have a fulfilling career. They help us to stay on track and keep a vision for what we want out of our careers. We must also keep in mind that short term career goals are very different from long term career goals but still, we must keep both in mind at the same time.

To keep track of your job search (resumes sent, interviews and job offers), you need an organization tools like the The Franklin Covey Planner. It's the only tool I use and it's awesome!

An internship is a great alternative to a job because you can gain many resources, networks, and so much more. Here are 5 Great Things About Internships

Find out the highest salary jobs and the lowest salary jobs in America.

It is not too early for teens to begin planning their career. Read about some helpful advice on what teenagers can do to start their career plan.

It’s an uncomfortable position to be in when your friend asks you to refer her to your employer. Read about what things you should definitely consider before risking your job.

As a result of the economic crisis, the number of job promotions offered in this country has decreased. Find out what you need to do in order to shine in front of your boss when there is an opportunity to be promoted.

Deciding on a career is one of the most challenging decisions that college students have to make. Creating a four year plan can guide you in your decision making process.

If you are frustrated from being told that you are too qualified for a job, here are some tips on how to present your resume in a different way.

Find out how and why renewable energy jobs are extremely beneficial to the country’s economic and unemployment crises.

Life planning and career planning are not the same thing. It is important to plan for both and know what their differences are.

Be sure to look into Career Financial Planning, and find out the salaries for out of college jobs

Would you like to teach? Find out more.

Are you struggling with the decision of whether or not to start your own business? Before you decide, you should consider the pros and cons of entrepreneurship.

If you're just starting out at a new job, then all we are saying is give the job a chance !! But if you are leaving college and looking for your first job, remember that your first job out college is important so think before accepting your first job.

Volunteering is also a great way to get experience while being able to help others. There are many Reasons to Volunteer, too. You may also be interested in some Volunteer Statistics.

Career Planning does not happen overnight. It is a lifelong process of refinement of goals and needs. By reading the articles shown above, you can take your career planning to a higher level and out-perform your peers. 

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