Career Planning for Teenagers

As a parent of a teenager, there are many things you can do while your teen is in high school that will assist him in making a career choice during college. Teenagers are at the appropriate age to start inquiring about different careers. It is not too early to begin their career planning process now. However, do not push too much or put lots of pressure on your teen to begin exploring. You can be quite useful in your teen’s career planning by encouraging him to explore different occupations. Even if you dislike a career that your child talks about pursuing, do not dishearten him from exploring that career. If you discourage your child’s interests, even if it’s the most ridiculous job, your teen will not be able to trust himself for making any decisions in the future. It is important that you show support no matter what. You can provide guidance later on when he does get closer to making a decision. Furthermore, teach your teen the art of networking. Contact any networks you have that are involved in careers that your teen shows interest in. It is a good idea for teens to talk with people in various occupations and to have someone who can answer their questions. Moreover, high school grades are crucial for college. Teenagers must understand the importance of having good grades in high school because they will have a hard time pursuing their career goals if they place into lower classes in college. Also encourage your teen to take advanced placement (AP) classes in high school. Colleges are impressed with students who take AP classes.

Another important step in a teen’s career planning process is for him to get involved with extracurricular activities. Encourage your teen to join a club or two at school. Other great experiences for teens are to get involved in their high school’s theater department, art, music, sports etc. Teens who are involved in such activities tend to be well rounded people and learn a lot about themselves. They might also find their passion during high school by getting involved. Also, teens who are involved in extracurricular activities tend to stay out of trouble and have less of a tendency to do drugs. Furthermore, teach your teen how to set goals for himself while in high school. Having a guideline to follow will assist him in staying on the right path. Goal-oriented people, in general, know what they what in life and tend to make good decisions for their future. Therefore, creating goals with your teen will be very useful to him. However, do not make his goals for him. Instead, help him with coming up with goals that he wants to accomplish for himself and not to make his parents or anyone else happy. Once he is in college, he can look back at his list of goals as a guideline to follow. Therefore, career planning in one’s teen years is very impactful for his future.

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