Career Dresses for Women

In a business setting, a woman’s attire should be professional. This involves wearing a business suit that is a dark in color, most commonly in the color of navy, black or gray. There is the option of either pants or a skirt that reaches to the knees. A white or an off-white blouse is the most common and professional. A button down style blouse is also a safe choice. Dresses can be worn in the professional setting, but they should be accompanied with a suit jacket. Prints on a dress should not have too much contrast or color. It is important not to wear too much jewelry and to keep shoes and hair style conservative.

In some work settings, a business casual style of career dress is allowed. While a suit is not as necessary in this setting some of the basic professional dress rules apply. This includes not wearing items of clothing that are too outrageously colored or styled. Casual in the work world, is not the same causal that is seen in the social setting. Pants and suits do not have to be as formal and plain as in the business setting and lighter colors can be worn without much consideration, as long as they are solid. Sweaters can be worn in the business casual setting, as long as the cut is not too low. It is important to avoid unprofessional shoe choices.

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