Building an Offline Network

Building a network of people may not seem to be an important step in succeeding career-wise, but in actuality, it may be the one thing that helps bring you to the next level. Making connections with other people helps broaden the range of career opportunities available to you, so that when you are in need of something in the future, you will have already developed a few relationships that could be beneficial to you professionally. In a way, making these connections early on acts as a safety net for when you do need help in the professional world, whether it is finding a job or needing assistance on a work project.

What are some practical ways of building this offline network? The first step is to be proactive in meeting as many people as possible, developing both a personal and professional relationship with them. Also, by asking for people’s business cards, it gives you the necessary information to contact them in the future as well as shows them that you are someone who is serious about advancing your career. Then, when you are in need of a job, you can simply call up one of these contacts and secure a job from them.

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