5 Ways to Boost Your Resume

Your Resume Must Look Its Best

Boost your resume and get noticed by employers.
If you already have a resume and are simply looking to give it an extra boost, take a look at the ideas below and implement those that are most suitable. It could be that you use a bit of tweaking from every section. It might be that you overhaul one or two areas of your resume and leave the rest alone. Perhaps your resume needs a serious jolt of creativity. Whatever the case is, you will find excellent ideas here to implement and make your resume a work of art.

Making your resume as impressive as possible is critical for success in the job-search process. Boost your resume's appeal by updating the language or adjusting the format. Do whatever it takes to ensure your success. Your competition wants to win the jobs you are after just as much as you do, so think through every aspect of the process and adjust anything that you believe needs work.

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It is impossible to overstate the importance of having a top-notch resume. People pay hundreds of dollars each day to have "professionals" write their resumes for them. You don't need to get a boost this way. You can do this just as easily as they can – and you can do it BETTER because you know the material better than anyone else.

In light of having said this, here are some specific ways to write a winning resume – or – revamp an older version.

High-Octane Resume-Booster

  1. Highlight your accomplishments - Your accomplishments are what distinguish you from your competitors. Many people will likely be able to perform the tasks of the job you are seeking, but the ones called in for an interview will be those people who have quantifiable achievements on their resumes. State what you can offer in a way that the employer will find interesting. When you do, you will be the one employers come looking for.

  2. Market yourself with your objective statement. The successful use of an objective statement targets each position the candidate is seeking, while subtly selling specific skills in a way that benefits the employer. Define some of your finest qualities and present them in the best possible light – as a means for the company to achieve greater results. This is not a statement about "What I want from the company." It's a statement about "What I have and how it will assist the organization I work for." This is an easy boost and it doesn't have to take a lot of time.

  3. Target your audience. Everything in your resume should be directed toward one goal: Getting a specific job at a particular company. Mass marketing resumes to every organization within a 50 mile radius is no longer an option. Each resume should be uniquely targeted to an audience of ONE. Anything less takes away from the likelihood of you receiving a phone call for an interview. This isn't just a "boost", it is a necessity.

  4. Quantify your accomplishments. Read: Use numbers. Hiring managers want specifics. They want to know the RESULTS of your actions more than they want to know what tasks you actually performed.

    For instance, if you are a Brand Manager for a line of shoes, it is not so difficult to transfer your skills to a job as a Brand Manager for a line of insecticides. What will get you the interview is showing the employer HOW MUCH YOU INCREASED their market share for XXX product or how you maintained market share while DECREASING advertising costs. Use numbers to show the prospective employer how much you improved efficiency, increased profits, decreased expenses. When you start attacking the bottom line – people will sit up and take notice.

  5. Use Action Words to boost your resume's appeal. If you want a hiring manager to pay attention to your resume, you will need to use words that jump off the paper. Get the attention you deserve by presenting your skills and accomplishments in a decisive and appealing way. There is a huge list of words you can utilize here on this site. Just click the words "Action Words" above and find out if there is a better way to state your personal history.

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