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Your Background Check Credit Report!

More and more, it is becoming important to have a good credit history. Not only does it have an effect on your ability to get a mortgage, but it can have an impact it can have on your employability.

At first glance it might look pretty irrelevant to associate a background check credit report with employment, but honestly, they are closely related.

When you have a successful interview, chances are your employer would conduct a standard background check before making an employment offer. These days a credit report check has become an inseparable part of the standard background check.

So what's the rationale behind such an exercise?

Let's explore!

Why Worry About the Back Ground Check Credit Report?

In order to understand the reasons for credit report checks you will have to get into a hiring manager's shoes and look at the situation. Let's imagine that you are an employer and you have found a potential employee who meets your requirement as far as the job description and experience goes.

What other aspects would you be interested in?

You might be hiring an individual who needs a government security clearance. In such a case you will need to have information about this candidate's past. And in this scenario conducting a credit history search is not only likely, it's probably required. Thus the nature of the work can be a reason for having a look at the prospective employee’s employment credit report.

Let's take another case.

After interviewing the candidate you feel that the resume he has furnished fits into the job requirement and he would be the right fit for the job if (and that's a big if) …the information is authentic.

With today's unstable job market, tweaking of the resume and any other related information for a higher percentage of success at securing the job is not unheard of. Therefore a properly conducted background check can help you (the employer) discern the real ones from the fakes.

Information such as previous employment records and education records can be easily validated by conducting a thorough background check.

A good credit report tells the employer that you pay your bills on time and hence sends the message that you are a responsible person.

Should You Bother About Background Check Credit Report?

Well yes, if you wish to have yourself in a safe position for employment.

Here are some reasons why you must work towards a better personal credit report starting now

  • A good credit history clears the obstacles for employment. With a good history it’s a matter of your skill and experience that will decide whether you get the offer or not. On the other hand a bad credit history can mar your chances even if you are well qualified for the job.
  • Sometimes employers conduct background checks before awarding promotions. Thus having a good credit history could give you that little edge over co-workers to get that ever-elusive promotion and associated pay hike.
  • Employee retention is at the heart of any business. However in the bad times, it becomes critical to remove any redundant employees. A good background check report presents you as a responsible person and thus can save your job.

What about Personal Privacy? Not just anyone can search through your personal credit history without your knowledge. To search for your credit history data they must have your consent.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) clearly mentions that in case you lose your job as a direct consequence of your credit history, the employer must guide you to the consumer reporting company.

You can obtain a free copy of your credit report

from any one of the consumer reporting companies. The free copy can be obtained only once per year.

The details for obtaining your free copy can be found at The toll free number to contact them is 877-322-8228. If you want to reach them via snail mail then you may use the following address:

Annual Credit Report Request Service,
P. O. Box 105281,
Atlanta, GA 30348-5281

A good credit history cannot be obtained in a month or two. It can be achieved by being responsible and taking stock of your commitments over a long period of time.

In next your interview, remember that if you are asked if you’ll submit to a background check, the credit report may be the key to getting a job offer.

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