Answering Interview Questions

Why is it that answering interview questions gets us so flustered?

Probably because we aren't ever really sure how we are going to perform in the interview situation.

Why is the Job Interview so Important?

The job interview lets the employer see you – face-to-face. It gives the employer an opportunity to form an impression of your skills, your personality and your work ethic.

Answering interview questions appropriately will allow the employer to get a good idea of how good your work attitude is, whether or not you can handle stress, if you get along well with co-workers, and have a solid work history.

The job interview lets the employer know who you are, what you have done in the past, and how you can contribute to the company in the future.

Why is it Necessary to Prepare for a Job Interview?

Everyone needs to prepare for their upcoming job interview by looking over the potential questions that might be asked. It is a necessity that one prepares for a job interview so that they do not get tripped up on any essential questions. One mistake can cost a person any chance of making it to a second interview. All it takes is one wrong answer to get kicked out of the game.

When you are answering interview question, be sure that what you say is what the employer wants to hear.

Coming to the interview with a positive and upbeat attitude should be first on your list. Employers want people who are positive minded with a good head on their shoulders, and are eager to get to work. If you prepare yourself for the interview, your chances of success are much greater.

What Questions Should a Job Candidate Prepare for?

Keep in mind that you are getting asked questions for one of two main reasons. The first reason is to see how you react to certain questions, and the second reason is to see how you respond. You could be the best potential employee that the company could ever have, but if one of your answers are displeasing to the interviewer, then you are probably not going to get the job.

Body language is also important here. You will want to make sure that you sit up straight, make eye contact, and remain focused and calm. This shows that you are truly interested in the job and that you have confidence.

Here is a small list of some of the biggest "make or break" questions to be prepared to answer:

1. Why do you think we should hire you? This question gives you a chance to talk about the potential value that you can bring to the company. Make it sound genuine.

2. Could you tell me a little bit about yourself? Try to only talk about education, where you have worked in the past, and your recent work experiences. Try not to get too personal with this question.

3. What caused you to leave your last job? Usually state the answer to this question in the most positive way possible. Try to stay away from answers that involved clashes with your boss or other employees.

4. So tell me, what things do you know about our company? You will want to make sure that you know a good bit about them, so do your research ahead of time. Come to the interview knowing what products are offered, the number of employees, and how long they have been around, etc. This shows true interest in the company.

5. How long do you intend to stay with us? This question can be a tricky one as well, but it is also a good opportunity to make the interview work to your advantage. Answer this question with something like " I intend on staying as long as possible, and as long as there is a way for me to contribute effectively toward the company's growth and potential."

Why use Anecdotes when Answering Interview Questions?

The reason why using anecdotes when answering interview questions is so important is because it makes use of real incidences and real life events. It allows the employer to see how you would handle a certain situation based on a given scenario. You can even use anecdotes when answering interview questions, just make sure that it demonstrates how effectively you can handle problems and other situations that might occur while on the job.

Make the Most of the Interview Situation...

A job interview can be stressful and a bit scary at first. If you are not sure that you are going to get the job, then it can definitely be worrisome. But do not let the interviewing situation stress you too much. If you go into this thinking positively, and all of your answers and related anecdotes are positive in nature, you will most likely get the job. Remember the importance of body language and eye contact. Try not to act nervous or distracted. Stay calm, and just let your answers flow.

You can succeed! Just take the time to prepare.

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